Local updates

I have secured funding in the 2023-24 Budget to deliver significant new infrastructure for Ashgrove this financial year (find out more).

Our city experiences storms with heavy, intense rainfall and potential flooding, which can cause a great deal of damage. Council will commence consultation, planning, and design for the Enoggera Creek Drainage and Flood Resilience Plan in 2023-24. Your feedback will inform future projects to improve flood outcomes for our community during severe weather events (find out more and provide feedback about your property).

Making it safer and easier to get to our local schools

Ashgrove (find out more)
Mitchelton (find out more)
Newmarket (find out more)
Windsor (find out more)

I have secured funding in the 2023-24 Budget to investigate and design improvements to the Wilston Road Corridor, from Newmarket Road to Raymont Road (find out more).

Council have completed detailed designs for new lighting and footpaths in Sedgley Park, Alderley for community support (find out more).

This significant improvement will include upgrading the playground, hard courts, picnic facilities, providing better shelters and shade, installing connecting pathways, and more (find out more).

Windsor dog park and Windsor Community Centre update (find out more).

Explore our interactive map to find out more about local projects and upgrades I have delivered for our community (explore map):

Past updates