Windsor local update

Read the Windsor local update newsletter (PDF 1MB) September 2023

Budget 2023-24

The 2023-24 Budget includes a range of upgrades for our area, and I am pleased to share the projects that have been funded. There is a continued focus on new drainage infrastructure, improving our transport network, safer access to local schools, community and park upgrades, and much more.
Read the Enoggera Ward Budget 2023-24 newsletter (PDF 2.2MB) July 2023
Find out more about the Enoggera Ward Budget 2023-24

Kedron Brook Bikeway update

Read the Kedron Brook Bikeway update newsletter (PDF 1MB) July 2023

Mitchelton local update

Read the Mitchelton local update newsletter (PDF 1MB) June 2023

Flood Recovery Update: Edition 2

I am proud of the efforts our community has made to recover from the extreme flooding Brisbane experienced in 2022. I want to acknowledge all the hard work of volunteers who pitched in with Council’s clean-up efforts to get our city back on its feet. Council’s Flood Recovery Taskforce has coordinated the efforts of the entire organisation to continue the clean up. I am pleased to share further information about our progress, along with some local updates.
Read the Flood recovery update: Edition 2 newsletter (PDF 1.4MB) October 2022

Budget 2022-23

Budget 2022-23 is all about flood recovery including better drainage to help rebuild our community. Whether projects are improving our road network, or building back better, I will advocate to recover our area. As these important works continue, I remain committed to local community and sports clubs, events, and businesses.
Read the Enoggera Ward Budget 2022-23 newsletter (PDF 1.9MB) August 2022

Kedron Brook Restoration Update

Following substantial damage caused by the severe rain event in February 2022, Council are committed to remediating the area as quickly as possible. Council’s City Projects Office have a designated project set up for these works and this includes design and construction.
Read the Kedron Brook Restoration Update newsletter (PDF 1MB) July 2022

Important Flood Recovery Information: Edition 1

Do you require assistance? Find out how to get support following the February 2022 floods.
Read the Important flood recovery information: Edition 1 newsletter (PDF 3.3MB) March 2022

Newmarket Pool Upgrade

There will be significant upgrades to the facilities as part of our commitment to ensuring that Enoggera Ward residents have the best quality community-based infrastructure possible.
Read the Newmarket Pool Upgrade newsletter (PDF 2.9MB) February 2022

Eildon Hill Upgrade Complete

The importance of local places for recreation and exercise has never been clearer than during this COVID-19 period. Getting out and about within your local area to enjoy the clean and green atmosphere was a must during lockdowns, and now with more people working from home the opportunity to take a break and clear your mind has obvious productivity benefits. If you have not been up for a while I encourage you to take your family and friends up to see the new facilities – you won’t be disappointed!
Read the Eildon Hill Upgrade Completed newsletter (PDF 3MB) October 2021

New Park for Windsor

Having the best possible parks for our area is one of my main objectives as Councillor. To be able to have this brand new park built with bespoke play equipment is going to make Windsor an even better place for outdoor recreation and family’s outings for many northside residents.
Read the New park for Windsor: Stage 2 newsletter (PDF 4.4MB) September 2021

Everton Park Library Upgrades

Brisbane libraries continue to reinvent themselves, the Everton Park Upgrades will help transform this much loved community space into something bigger and better.
Read the Everton Park Library Upgrades newsletter (PDF 2.9MB) August 2021

Budget 2021-22

Budget 2021-22 is all about community connections for Enoggera Ward. Pedestrian improvements,
community festivals and planning work for arterial road upgrades are all funded.
Read the Enoggera Ward Budget 2021-22 newsletter (PDF 1.6MB) July 2021

Eildon Hill Reservoir

the second stage of works at Eildon Hill Reservoir is scheduled to commence in mid-February 2021.
Read the Eildon Hill Reservoir Upgrade: Stage 2 newsletter (PDF 1MB) February 2021

Windsor Community Centre

Windsor is a place with a great community spirit. As one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs you can see the different stages of the city’s progress throughout the streets. Continuing to enrich our district even further, Council has proposed to build a new Community Centre in Grafton Street.
Read the Windsor Local Community Centre newsletter (PDF 1.5MB) November 2020

Grinstead Park Upgrade

Grinstead Park is among the best parklands in our city, because of its size, natural beauty and what it has to offer. I’m committed to making these places even better and that is why Council will continue to upgrade this parkland.
Read the Grinstead Park Upgrade: Stage 2 newsletter (PDF 2.2MB) November 2020

Free off peak travel for seniors

From 1 October 2019 Seniors can travel for free on Brisbane buses, CityCats and ferries from 8:30am-3:30pm and then 7pm-6am Monday to Friday. Seniors can also travel on buses for free all weekend. People holding a Seniors Go Card will tap on and off as usual, without charge.
Read the Free off peak travel for seniors newsletter (PDF 1MB) September 2019


Senior members of our community have contributed and continue to contribute so much to our Northside community. This newsletter ensures seniors are aware of the services, discounts and opportunities Council provides.
Read the Seniors newsletter (PDF 1MB) September 2018