What our office can help you with.


Brisbane City Council

Brisbane is the largest local government in Australia with 26 wards and 27 councillor positions. Find information about Brisbane City Council councillors, organisational structure, rates and more.

Development i

Development.i provides access to past and current application details and basic property information for the Brisbane City Council Local Government area so it is easy to stay informed about what is happening in your area.

Report Issues and Maintenance

Use our online forms to report issues and maintenance matters at any time to Brisbane City Council.

Popular Forms

Brisbane City Council’s most popular forms are generally available to download in PDF format. You can also apply online for a variety of Council applications.

Laws and Permits

Brisbane City Council administers and enforces regulations for various issues and activities in Brisbane. These include dog registration, parking, infringements, vegetation, fences and health and safety. Find out if you need a permit and how to apply.

Doing Business in Brisbane

Council is committed to supporting Brisbane businesses. We provide resources and opportunities for businesses at any level of growth – from getting the right permits and licences, through to data to help research your new business and our 24/7 business hotline.

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