Enoggera Creek Drainage & Flood Resilience Plan 2023-24

Thank you for sharing feedback so Council can investigate and develop proposals for the Enoggera Creek precinct:

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I am proud to advise I have secured funding in the 2023-24 Budget to prepare an Enoggera Creek Drainage and Flood Resilience Plan. As many would know, Brisbane’s subtropical climate means our city experiences storms with heavy, intense rainfall and potential flooding, which can cause a great deal of damage.

Council has allocated $500,000 to commence consultation, planning, and design this financial year. This includes seeking your feedback to begin initial investigations. Your feedback will inform future projects to improve flood outcomes for our community during severe weather events. Drainage projects can be complex and time consuming, recommendations from the plan will be delivered over several years.

Once feedback is collated, development of the plan is likely to extend beyond this financial year. These types of stormwater network investigations are generally completed by Council over two years. The Enoggera Creek Precinct is a whole network waterway, rather than a discrete drain. This area is being considered to improve outcomes for all properties adjacent to the corridor (please see map above).

This project forms part of Council’s program to manage flood risk and minimise the impact of flooding on people, property, and infrastructure. Future activities in this plan may include:

  • Constructing new stormwater drainage infrastructure
  • Upgrading existing drainage infrastructure
  • Investigating the feasibility of the installation of backflow devices
  • Providing assessments for at-risk homes with practical recommendations to reduce the impact of flooding
  • Changes to land use planning and development controls; and
  • Improved flood warnings and alerts, or other improvements to disaster response.

I have also written to the Minister for Water seeking improved capacity and flood mitigation options for Enoggera Reservoir.

Upgrading our community’s drainage and flood mitigation infrastructure is part of my ongoing commitment to improving our suburbs and making Enoggera Ward an even better place to live.

Council will consider your feedback in preparation of actions arising from the refreshed Breakfast/Enoggera Creek Flood Study and Catchment Management Plan. The updated flood study has already commenced and will be complete in the first half of 2024. A catchment floodplain management plan will then be prepared that will identify flood risk management actions in the broad categories of:

  • Resilient buildings, assets and infrastructure (including flood mitigation)
  • Flood emergency management and disaster response
  • Land use planning and development control; and
  • Flood awareness and information.


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