Eildon Hill Reserve

The Schrinner Council is proud to announce that the Eildon Hill Reservoir project is completed and open for all to enjoy.

This upgrade will allow views in all directions, including Cunningham’s Gap, Taylor Ranges, D’Aguilar Range, and even the Glasshouse Mountains on a clear day! Investing in recreational sites like Eildon will continue to increase the liveability and character that Windsor is renowned for.
This project was completed in two separate stages.

Stage one

  • New viewing deck with seating
  • Selective minor trimming of vegetation to allow views of the surrounding area
  • Upgraded section of the existing walk trails – including seats; and
  • New waste bins installed.

Stage two

  • Repair to the stairs from Constitution Road to new walking trail
  • Installation of a new walking trail and signs
  • Drainage works to facilitate the new walking trailer
  • New rest area with views to Moreton Bay; and
  • Repair existing roadway surface to improve pedestrian safety.

Places for local recreation, like Eildon Hill, have only become more important in recent months, and these works to lift the appearance of the area, provide more options for walking, make it feel safer, and importantly formalise and expand ways to enjoy the view.

That’s why the Schrinner Council has invested in recreational sites like Eildon Hill as a priority to increase the livability and character of the Windsor/Wilston area. These new and improved features at Eildon will make this popular running and dog walking location an even more alluring spot for local residents and visitors. If you have not been up for a while, I encourage you to take your family and friends up to see the new facilities – you won’t be disappointed!

“The importance of local places for recreation and exercise has never been clearer than during this COVID-19 period. Getting out and about within your local area to enjoy the clean and green atmosphere was a must during lockdowns, and now with more people working from home the opportunity to take a break and clear your mind has obvious productivity benefits.”

Cr Andrew Wines