FOOTPATH SURVEY Seventh Avenue, Windsor

I have recently received a request for a footpath along Seventh Avenue, Windsor, between Sixth Avenue and Kennedy Street. At present, both the odd-numbered and even-numbered side of Seventh Avenue are being considered.

I am writing to determine the level of community support for a footpath to be installed along Seventh Avenue. The city-wide footpath installation process requires approval from directly affected residents before construction can commence. This prevents unwanted footpaths from being constructed, and allows funds to be prioritised towards footpath projects that are supported by local residents.

For a footpath to be approved for Seventh Avenue, this survey is required to have both a 25% response rate, and 60% of responses must be in favour of the footpath (one response per household). I strongly encourage you to complete the survey to ensure your views are heard.

Please lodge your response by Wednesday, 05 October 2022, so that I can be clear on the views of local residents.

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