Enoggera Ward Projects

There are many projects happening within the Enoggera Ward. Find out about past, current and future Brisbane City Council plans and projects.


Enoggera ward has some of the best parks in Brisbane,
I have been committed to making them even
better, find out more here.

Community Spaces

Community Spaces are only getting more and more important, and whether they are lookouts,
plazas and shopping strips, or libraries, Council keeps improving them.


Ensuring that we can move around the City safely and efficiently is fundamental to what council
does, here is some works designed to get you home sooner and safer.

Sporting and Community Club

Supporting our sports and community clubs to improve our area is so important to the having a
healthy robust and connected community, that is why Council support them through a range of
different ways.

Waste Management and Sustainability

Making sure we have a clean gree city with modern and improving waste management systems is an
important way we preserve and improve our city, today and for generatiosn to come.


Drainage is so important to keeping our area clean and dry, by keeping water in our drains rather
than in our homes.

Community Grants & Events

Community events whether they be big or small are a great way for our community to gather
together and enjoy what we have, as well as showcasing it to the rest of the city.

In the beginning there was a lot of work to do, and I remain committed to constant improvements in our community. My main motivation continues to be improving our public spaces and upgrading our transport network. That means better parks, roads and amenities, plus more opportunities for recreation and fun in our local area.

Cr Andrew Wines