Community Consultation


In response to the petition received by Council which closed in August 2022, Council can consider installing Local Area Traffic Management devices on Glen Holm Street, Mitchelton. This will include planning, design, and consultation with directly affected residents to seek support for future traffic calming.

I am seeking your feedback to determine whether this project has community support to ensure Council’s work aligns with the community wishes.

This project can only progress to the next stage of design if Council receives support from at least 60% of respondents and a minimum response rate of 25% of those surveyed. I encourage you to have your say about this proposal to ensure your feedback is considered.

You may also have noticed some devices built in Northmore Street, which are part of this road network. There are also pedestrian safety improvements occurring at the intersection of Grovely Terrace and Ellworthy Street this financial year.

I also recognise the current drainage issue in Glen Holm Street and if you wish to provide any feedback on this matter also.

I have consistently advocated for our area to ensure Council continues to deliver improvements to Brisbane’s Transport and Drainage infrastructure, which is part of my ongoing commitment to improve our suburbs and make Enoggera Ward an even better place to live.

Please lodge your response below by Friday, 08 December 2023, so that I can be clear on the views of local residents.

Do you support future traffic calming for Glen Holm Street, Mitchelton:(required)

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