Only cats and dogs that reside within the Brisbane City boundary can be registered with Brisbane City Council. New residents must register or transfer their cat or dog’s registration within 14 days of moving to Brisbane.

You can register your cat or dog online. You can also download and complete the animal registration application and lodge your application with the registration fee at a Customer Service Centre or Regional Business Centre.

Registration rebates – Cat or dog registration concessions

You will receive a concession if:

the cat or dog is desexed
you hold a current Centrelink Pensioner concession or Veterans’ Affairs Repatriation Health card
you are a current member of either Dogs Queensland or the Greyhound Racing Authority
you hold a current Brisbane City Council Animal Breeder or show permit

Desexed pets

If your cat or dog is desexed, you will need to specify this on the animal registration application to receive the concessional rate. You will need to specify details of the vet who undertook the procedure and the date the procedure took place. If your pet is too young to be desexed at the time of registration, the desexed rate will be charged. When your next registration is due, the full fee will be charged if the pet is not desexed. No additional concession is offered for cats or dogs that are microchipped.

Registration fees

All yearly registration fees for dogs and cats are valid from 1 July 2011 and are GST exempt. Failure to register your cat or dog annually from three months of age may result in a $200 fine.

 Registration Type  Full Fee Pensioner/Reduced Fee*
 Non-desexed dog  $95 $47.40
 Desexed dog  $40.20 $15.20
 Guide, hearing, assistance and government dogs  No fee No fee
 Dangerous dog/Non-desexed menacing dog $454 $151
 Desexed menacing dog $454 95
 Non-desexed cat $43.40 $21.80
 Desexed cat $21.80 $10.80

* Granted in subsequent years upon successful performance review and continuing compliance with the conditions set.
There are also concessions for breeders, show permits and associations.