gallipoli-barracks-celebrates-100-yearsOn August 8, 2008, Gallipoli (Enoggera) Army Barracks celebrated its 100 year anniversary with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

The land on which the Gallipoli Barracks is situated was purchased in 1908 for the establishment and training of Defence units and to provide for rifle range facilities.

Since then, it has grown into its current role as the most significant Army facility in South East Queensland and the third most significant Land Command facility nationally. Cr Wines said his parents were stationed to the Enoggera barracks when he was younger and his mother still worked at the Army Hospital.

“It is certainly an important place to countless Defence families and to our local community. On behalf of Enoggera Ward residents, I would like to congratulate Enoggera Barracks on 100 years.”