Council is committed to keeping our waterway catchments clean and healthy. To assist the environment of our catchments, Brisbane City Council initiated the Creek Catchment Ranger Program to work in partnership with community catchment groups to protect and restore our catchments. The Creek Catchment Ranger Program is the first of its kind and is unique in Australia. Council supports the bushcare groups’ activities through the Habitat Brisbane Program.

There are many local catchment groups within the Enoggera Ward who are supporting and making a real difference for our environment. Volunteer Bushcare groups have worked on the catchment since the early 1990s to restore local native vegetation and improve wildlife habitat. The Kedron Brook Catchment Network assists individuals and organisations to work together to maintain and improve the Kedron Brook catchment’s environment. There are currently 13 active bushcare groups tending over 30 rehabilitation sites along the Kedron Brook from Ferny Grove to Northgate. In the Enoggera Ward the Wahiminda Grove, Ferny Grove State High School, Men of The Trees and other community groups have worked on preserving the catchment.

The Kedron Brook flows through Pine Rivers Shire and Brisbane City, crossing through the Enoggera Ward and is about 29 km long. It is mostly urbanised but significant areas of native vegetation remain, particularly in the upper catchment and beyond.

For more information about how to get involved in saving our environment around our catchments please visit or